At twofifths we're not too fussed for ladder diagrams, pie charts, or any other kind of stuff to bamboozle you with. We just like things kept simple.


1. We listen,

We like to start by understanding your market, your customers and your brand. Getting to know you better helps us provide you with the best solution for your needs.



2. we research,

Along with all the information you give us, to really gain an understanding of your business and your customers, we always like to dig a little deeper. A little bit of insight can go a long way.



3. we plan,

We use all the insight gathered to put a strategy in place that will move your brand to the next level - whether that’s attracting new customers, launching a new product or building your brand’s reputation. 



4. we create,

Obviously our favourite part of the process, we are creatives after all. From corporate identity, brand creation and development, graphic design, website design, and motion graphic animation, we can create whatever is necessary, whether you're just starting up, or starting a new project, to make your brand stand out from the crowd. 



5. we test,

Don't just take our word for it. The best people to judge our work are your customers. So let's put our work in front of them. Their opinions will help us adjust and refine our initial creative concepts in to tried and tested, considered final designs.



6. we launch,

Finally, blast off ... We launch your new company, project, product, website, film, or any other number of creative ideas we may've made a reality for your business. 


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